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Empower Your Mortgage Business

Welcome to My Own Email Marketing©, your trusted partner in mortgage marketing solutions. Click here to learn more about our unique approach to contact organization, marketing, and conversion.



Tailored Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing

MOEM specializes in creating personalized email marketing campaigns tailored to your mortgage lending business. 

Branding and Content Creation

Our team specializes in crafting personalized marketing content designed to maximize engagement with your contacts and strategic partners.

Follow Up Empowerment

Unlock the full potential of your customer communications with our exclusive Loan Officer Follow Up Empowerment emails! Each message provides actionable tips for you to boost engagement and the success of your campaigns.

Why Choose MOEM

Includes Easy To Use Mortgage CRM

MOEM integrates effortlessly with the iLoan CRM database, designed specifically for mortgage professionals, ensuring easy, effective use.


Database Stays With You

With MOEM, your database remains yours alone. Never lose opportunities knowing that your contacts and data always stay with you.

Modern Marketing Approach

Utilize MOEM's innovative tools for dynamic, effective audience engagement that elevates your visibility in the digital landscape.

Stand out with your personal brand

Elevate and separate your identity from your mortgage company, ensuring you stand out as an independent industry professional.



Expert Marketing

Solutions for the Mortgage Industry

MOEM is at the forefront of empowering mortgage lenders with targeted, innovative marketing solutions. Our team, drawing on extensive experience, is dedicated to transforming your mortgage business through customized strategies and the latest technologies.

We deeply understand the mortgage sector's unique challenges and opportunities, allowing us to craft solutions that enhance your visibility and efficacy. MOEM combines industry-specific insights with advanced analytics to streamline communications, strengthen relationships, and boost your market presence.

Our commitment to excellence and adaptation to industry trends ensures your marketing campaigns are not only effective but also ahead of the curve. From automated email strategies and bespoke CRM integrations to data-driven content creation, MOEM is designed to foster your growth and success.



“I would recommend iLoan CRM with the MOEM service not only because of the relevant articles for both clients and real estate agents, but also because I own my own database and email list.”

Lynell Bevels
Women's Council of Associated Real Property Brokers, Member



Start Your Mortgage Marketing Transformation

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