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If You Change Companies Who Gets Your Database

Michael had been a Denver area loan officer for over 6 years when he decided to change companies.

He knew he could start out running at the new company because he had an agreement from his former company that if he ever decided to leave, they would provide him with an export of all of his contacts from the company CRM.

When he opened the file they provided, he saw that over 30% of his contacts were missing, and the contacts that were included were missing a lot of key information. There was only the borrower name, their mailing address, and some phone numbers. There were no email addresses, mobile phone numbers, co-borrower information, or notes, and zero loan information.

After 2 weeks of multiple calls and emails to his former managers, he was finally told that was all the information he would get.

Michael was completely discouraged because this meant he essentially had to start from scratch in communicating with his customer base.

If you don’t own your own database, who does?

The MyOwnEmailMarketing CRM is a full featured CRM and marketing service. And you own it. The service includes new and relevant articles sent to your customers and realtors every month.

Contact us now to schedule a quick demo!

Donna Quisenberry Zoho CRM Certified Consultant / Act! CRM Certified Consultant

760. 434. 3431

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